Nature Photoshoot

Because the three of us hadn’t hung out together since probably that time we watched Lucifer at Madelyn’s house, we decided to do a photoshoot at Gwen’s and search for a dead Welsh king.

Devil HornsScheming

Madelyn gave me devil horns here because she knows I’m a schemerrr.


I like to call these ones my pride ones because rainbows and June.


We sacrificed two folders for these shots and made Gwen’s house smell like burning plastic lmaooo.


*classic high school senior pic pose*

Exploring 1Exploring 2

Here, me and Gwen are exploring her backyard. I like how the second one almost gives off Blair Witch Project vibes.


Madelyn has informed me that this glitch in the matrix shot was the result of her holding the prism while she was taking it.

Tree Hugger

Me hugging a tree while also desperately trying not to fall in the creek.


I’m too uncoordinated and afraid of heights to be climbing up fallen trees for shots like this.




Idk why we’re traipsing through undergrowth here, but it was fun.

Madelyn’s stuffs:


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