Prom Photoshoot

I hit Madelyn up for a prom photoshoot a while back and my girl did not disappoint! (Yes I paid her and y’all should too)

Prom 1

My boobs decided to make an appearance here, but I’d honestly never felt prettier thanks to her 🙂

Prom 2

Here’s my friend date and I looking on to bigger and better things, like Madelyn with her camera, and graduation. I felt very regal in this one (yes I realize my position and my headpiece are both off center but the picture looks so good that I don’t even care).

Prom 3

I call this picture the result of my friend being two feet taller than me WHILE I was wearing wedges/heels. Climbing up there was a struggle but this was my favorite pic of the shoot. I think it captures the spirit of us well lol.

Prom 4

Ah yes, generic prom line pic with some friends. Madelyn said it kept making her think of that Bridesmaids promo pic and I’m inclined to agree.

Prom 5

Here’s our “goofy” one with me being disapproving as per usual, and my friends being their weird-ass selves.

Madelyn’s stuffs:

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