Happy Pride month y’all, it’s our excuse to be *extra* gay! And I thought it would be appropriate to show y’all all the LGBTQIA+ standalones I have still yet to read. (Fun fact: I had to be stealthy to remove the books and arrange them since my grandma is visiting and staying in my room lol). Pls appreciate my poor attempt at a rainbow.

Now, I don’t expect to get through ALL of them this month since ya know, family is in town and I have to socialize (also YATL makes me wanna read all the presenting authors’ books before the show), but this post will help me keep track of my pending rainbow reads I guess.

The Love Interest by: Cale Dietrich
This book is about an organization that trains teenage spies, one to be a Goody Twoshoes and the other to be Bad Boys so that they can seduce people. But things could go wrong when two of them fall for each other.
I’ve actually had the pleasure of talking with Cale on Twitter (he’s AMAZEBALLS) to gush about Love, Simon so eep! I knew I had to check out his book.

Out Loud by: Ed Madden and Candace Chellew Hodge
A history of the southern radio show that took the world by storm, Rainbow Radio was South Carolina’s first gay and lesbian radio show.
I picked this book up at a booth during my very first visit to the Decatur Book Festival with Madelyn (hey girl hey @snorting.books on IG) a couple years ago and I’ve been dying to read it ever since.

Queer 13 by: Clifford Chase
Basically, lesbian and gay writers recall seventh grade lol.
I think I found this gem in my local Goodwill and have read a couple of chapters, but I really wanna dive into it at some point. (LOL I had this out on my desk in school once so I could read after I finished a test and my teacher looked like she wanted to say something, but couldn’t.)

Drag Teen by: Jeffery Self
This is about a guy and his friends trying to win a drag competition because he needs scholarship money. I’m sorry for my lazy and bad summary lol.
I was immediately taken by the plot and gorgeous cover, but one of the main characters had the same name as someone I had a falling out with, so I haven’t read it yet for that reason LOL.

One Man Guy by: Michael Barakiva
Alek’s dreams of a relaxing summer are squandered when his parents announce he’s attending summer school, where he’s immediately smitten by a certain Ethan.
One of my bookish friends told me to check it out and I happily obliged.

Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard by: Alex Bertie
It’s a memoir about his early life and growing up realizing he was transgender.
I found it in a little indie bookstore when I was in London(?) and I pounced on it because of the cover. I didn’t actually know Alex was a YouTuber or anything like that. I actually got through like a fourth of it on the plane home, but stopped because school. Hopefully I’ll pick it up again soon, because I really liked what I read.

Girlish by: Lara Lillibridge
This is a memoir about a girl growing up with lesbian moms, unobsessed by her parents’ sexuality in a world that is.
I’ve already talked about this when I was doing my giveaway, so I’ll just leave this as is.

Draw the Line by: Laurent Linn
A hate crime forces a closeted boy to draw his own superhero and decide who he wants to be in his small Texas town.
Pretty sure I saw this on a blogpost somewhere and was intrigued.

The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza by: Shaun David Hutchinson
A girl born from a virgin mother discovers she has the power to heal her crush – something else that can’t be explained.
Total cover buy and I loved We Are the Ants, so after that book, Shaun David Hutchinson became an autobuy author for me.

Carry On by: Rainbow Rowell
I see this as a gay Harry Potter with vampires lol.
I have started this and not finished it so many times omg. Also, I originally had the hardcover, but the paperback is way better designed imo.

At the Edge of the Universe by: Shaun David Hutchinson
A boy’s world literally begins shrinking as his memories start to disappear.
I loved We Are the Ants, so after that book, Shaun David Hutchinson became an autobuy author for me.

Binge by: Tyler Oakley
A series of personal essays by one of YouTube’s most prominent influencers.
I found this randomly at a Books-A-Million (my first visit to one ever) and it was the last SIGNED one so it was obviously meant to be.

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