The Girl From Everywhere Review

So I finished an eBook for the first time in forever today (yay me) so of course I had to document it. A while ago, I got The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig for either free or really really cheap on Kindle. I’d started it and never got far until recently and honestly I hate myself for not finishing it sooner.

Sarah’s Sucky Summary: A girl named Nix travels on a ship that can go through time, space, and even defy reality with a map (kind of like the TARDIS, and she can even visit mythological places). Her father, the captain, Slate, works hard to find a math that will lead him back to her mother, Lin, to save her from dying in childbirth. But if he saves her, what will happen to Nix? This adventure is nothing without the rest of the crew, including Kashmir, a thief they picked up in the Middle East; Rotgut, a former monk; and Bee, who hails from Africa, but still listens to the spirit of her dead wife.

Rating: 5/5 stars


I loved this book so much.  I never thought I’d read a book that was equal parts historical fiction, fantasy, and contemporary all up in one, but I loved this book so much that I bought and started reading the sequel, The Ship Beyond Time immediately.

First off, I love the different spin Heidi puts on the consequences and rules of time travel. You spend the whole book wishing the conclusion doesn’t happen, as does Nix, because she doesn’t know what will happen to her if Slate succeeds in saving her mother.

Also, I know lots of people swoon over Rhys from the ACOTAR series (I need to finish it), but I have never found a male character that I would love to be my book boyfriend. They’re either gay, taken, or both (which is never a bad thing). But…I finally found my guy – which I never thought would happen. I literally swooned every time he was on the page.

Who? Kashmir

*fans self* just kidding lol (well…somewhat)

He ONLY refers to Nix as Amira, which means “princess” and honestly you just have to read how perfect he is. I love him and Nix so much.

That’s unfortunately all I can say without spoiling things. I highly highly recommend this book and y’all have to read it – it’s one of my favorite books now.

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